29th Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition

29th Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition


лого Softline DigitalSoftline Digital is a team of experts that develops, pilots and introduces digital solutions at the intersection of industries and advanced technologies.

The portfolio of integrated digital solutions focuses on industry, retail, logistics, finance, medicine and is built on the basis of AI, ML, CV, IoT, Big Data, VR/AR, Data Science technologies.
There are more than 30 Data Scientists and 700 developers who are ready to connect at any stage of the project and strengthen the customer's team. Softline Digital has a library of “out of the box” products, of which there are more than 30 today.

At the Mining & Metals Central Asia 2022 exhibition, the company will present a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the digital transformation of the mining industry. The solutions are based on artificial intelligence, big data, industrial Internet of Things, computer vision, augmented and virtual reality technologies. The portfolio is formed taking into account industry specifics and solves specific tasks in the leading mining enterprises of Russia.

  • Areas of application of solutions:
  • ensuring industrial safety;
  • optimization of technological and business processes;
  • big data analytics and storage;
  • ecology;
  • personnel training.

Hurry up to schedule a meeting with Softline Digital at the Mining & Metals Central Asia exhibition – “Mining Equipment, Mining and Processing of Ores and Minerals”.
You can visit the exposition of the enterprise on September 20 - 22, Atakent Kazakhstan Center for Business Cooperation, Almaty.

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