29th Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition

29th Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition

MMCA 2022 results: The time for integrated solutions

MMCA 2022 mining equipment exhibition has brought together a lot of major players in the industry. Although most of the suppliers decided to play it safe by mostly presenting the proven solutions and the best-selling parts. But those who have chosen a different approach stood out favorably from their colleagues.

Wear-resistant materials

news 04.10.22 mmcaLet's start with the Element products, which aroused the greatest interest among the visitors of the exhibition. At the moment it is the wear-resistant materials category. There is a number of new solutions available that, in addition to the equipment protection function, solve a few other important problems. For example, the problem of the material sticking, this is solved with the help of the plates made of high-molecular weight polyethylene.

Customers are aware that steel is not the only lining solution and are looking for the effective products based on the operating conditions at their enterprises.

Andrey Larkin, the Head of Asia Region at Nordfelt, spoke about the results of the meetings with the visitors to the exhibition stall:

“Two product lines have been presented at the company booth – the spare parts from “Mining Element” and solutions for the industrial filtration. I would like to point out that both directions were in high demand; and we can offer effective and competitive solutions for each of them. Most of the meetings took place as it was planned, and thanks to the exhibition, it was possible to shorten the negotiation process with several key account clients and agree on site pilot testing (PIT) of pump spare parts, wear plates and filter materials. During the negotiations, we agreed on dates of the visits to the enterprises. This is an excellent result of three days work, as the project development in our industry requires time and detailed immersion in the clients’ tasks. In addition, during the exhibition we have concluded a contract for the supply of high molecular weight polyethylene plates, which will help solving the problem of sticking at the customer's enterprise. Of course, we have started preparing the project well in advance, but the final specification was signed at the exhibition,” Andrey says.


 Unique solutions for the protection against wear

news2 04.10.22 mmca


By the way “Mining Element” can also offer a unique solution - combined linings, which was not presented at the exhibition. This product was shortlisted for the Women in Mining Russia 2022 “Golden Idea of the Year” nomination. Combined material linings allow to solve the problem of local wear and, thus, reduce relining costs.

“None of the global companies offer the combined linings, since we are the only ones working with different types of materials. — says Olga Stepuk, Head of Wear-Resistant Materials Category at “Mining Element”, — “Each protection type has a “vulnerable spot” where the main blow falls, while the rest of it is not subject to the same level of wear. Moreover, local wear can show itself in just two weeks”.


Integrated protection for hydrotransport

A significant part of the exhibition was occupied by the suppliers of wear parts for pumps and other technological equipment. Although only a few companies (“Mining Element “ included) have presented integrated solutions that can provide a comprehensive supply of spare parts and components for most types of technological equipment, such as slurry pumps and hydrocyclones.

news3 04.10.22 mmca

Interest in the alternative solutions

Despite the presence of a large number of OEM brands at the show, the interest in the Element brand and other spare parts manufacturers was quite high. Kirill Shchipkov is sure that the customers are now aware of the presence of reliable companies on the market that can offer high-quality wear and spare parts at a better price.

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“The Mining Element quality management system allows us to effectively control the product quality at all stages of the product life cycle: from receiving a customer request to fulfilling the warranty obligations, including the stages of design and development, production, control and testing of products,” Shchipkov says.


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