29th Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition

29th Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition

Tires and tracks made of wear-resistant rubber from Composite NGO LLC. Overview of novelties

The year 2022 for the Composite company, which specializes in the manufacture of wear-resistant rubber products, was marked by the launch of new products on the market, which managed to prove themselves on the positive side in a short time. Among the company’s key novelties, we highlight cast-solid tires for warehouse equipment and rubber tracks for agricultural and construction equipment. More about the developments - in the material

Composit cast-solid tires for warehouse equipment are suitable for 24/7 operation

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Composit cast-solid tires for warehouse equipment were not originally intended for mass production: the products were developed for in-house needs. The company needed tires that could withstand abrasive wear, as loaders are used in production in quite harsh conditions: this includes mud, and constant collisions with stones or metal products and scrap. The tests were successful, so it was decided to bring a new product - a worthy alternative to imported analogues to the Russian market.

Today, the manufacturer’s line includes five model ranges of cast-solid tires.

Name Total diameter Total width Tread height
5.00-8 458 119 39
6.00-9 530 134 52
6.50-10 577 157 55
7.00-12 662 168 60
8.15-15 689 215 54

The tire, developed by Composit for warehouse equipment, is able to function even in close to extreme operating conditions due to its high strength and wear resistance. This is achieved through a unique rubber compound that provides excellent coupling on various types of surfaces and also reduces the risk of damage and punctures.

Thus, the Composite cast-solid tire consists of the following layers:

  • Unique development of the rubber compound eliminates 99% of punctures, abrasion and falling out of tire fragments
  • Provides heat dissipation that occurs during the operation of the tire.
  • It is a metal cable that prevents the tire from slipping relative to the disk, as well as its deformation due to a sharp start of the loader. It is worth noting that in a number of budget tires this layer is absent.

The patented tread pattern allows to create a maximum area of contact with the surface and provides high rates of mud and water displacement.

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Thanks to these features, warehouse loaders equipped with cast-solid tires from Composit and can be used even on uneven or slippery surfaces, which increases safety and increases the productivity of warehouse logistics operations.

Another advantage of Composite products is the ability to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The declared resource of the cast-solid tire is 5,000 machine hours. Moreover, the manufacturer provides a guarantee for tread wear up to the 60J line.

Separately, we emphasize that, based on the available sizes, it is possible to manufacture tires with a certain set of characteristics at the request of the customer (for example, oil and petrol resistant, nonspottable, etc.).

Made of rubber for severe operation conditions. About Composit tracks

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Another novelty presented by Composite is rubber belt tracks  for agricultural and construction machinery. Compared to metal tracks, they allow vehicles to drive onto surfaces such as asphalt, paving slabs, etc. without damaging the pavement, and also improve the working conditions of equipment operators by reducing noise and vibration.

The long service life of the tracks is achieved due to reinforced embedded elements made of high-strength alloy and a special technology of continuous winding of the metal cord. The rubber compound is designed for severe operation conditions. The design of the tracks provides them with the necessary elasticity, which facilitates their removal and installation.

It is worth emphasizing that each type of belt tracks has its own characteristics:

  • 180C model is suitable for mini excavators and special equipment based on the tracked chassis operating in confined spaces and highly abrasive surfaces. It is characterized by increased strength and provides excellent traction with the soil. A special rubber compound protects the track from cuts and corrosion of embedded elements and metal cord.
  • 230C is designed for mini-excavators and special equipment based on the tracked chassis weighing up to 2 tons and pulling force up to 20 kN. Suitable for operation in serve conditions and in confined spaces where you have to maneuver frequently.
  • 300С is designed for mini-excavators and special equipment based on the tracked chassis. The specially designed spiral winding of the track cord frame reduces vibration, thereby increasing driving performance, and the special design of the guide embedded elements prevents the track from coming off the excavator undercarriage even when working on small slopes.
  • 400C is suitable for excavators weighing from 4 to 8 tons. The special shape of the grip hook (height is 25 mm) provides improved lateral coupling with the surface of the working platform, as well as enhanced self-cleaning of the belt tread from dirt clods and adhering soil.
  • 700C is used for equipment operating in conditions of high abrasive wear on soils with low bearing capacity. Maneuvering equipment is facilitated by a specially designed grip hook design. Long service life is ensured, among other things, by elongated embedded elements, metal cord and a special rubber compound.

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The 28th Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition - Mining & Metals Central Asia 2023 will be held in Almaty this autumn!

  • September 20-22, 2023
  • Almaty, Kazakhstan

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