29th Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition

29th Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition


Full autonomy, compactness and independence from power supply


A familiar situation for mining and processing enterprises is the need to use power tools in a power outage. This happens both during accidents, when all power sources are turned off, and during scheduled and repair work, especially when working in the field, at height or in cramped conditions, where the use of a standard power tool is either difficult or unsafe or even impossible.

Therefore, many are familiar with the picture when personnel have to make holes or cut off something with ancient improvised hand tools, which affects both the speed and the quality of the work performed.

At the same time, such tools are needed for one or two operations, for example, to cut off reinforcement or drill a hole in metal, which makes the battery capacity uncritical.

Until recently, the problem was solved by equipping crews with portable generators, but this solution is also not the best, since generators are bulky and need refueling and maintenance.

For such cases, BOSCH produces a special series of professional power tools with 12 volt batteries. The series is designed for professional and industrial use and is made in blue.

In total, there are currently 28 products in the line - drills, screwdrivers, angle grinders and even vacuum cleaners, saws and planers

What is convenient, the batteries are fully compatible with each other, that is, the same battery and charger are suitable for powering any tool.

Moreover, such batteries are also used in BOSCH measuring equipment - thermal imagers, levels, etc.

The batteries themselves have many technologies on board: protection against overheating and overcharging, protection against critical discharge, all-or-nothing technology when the power tool either works normally or stops if the battery has reached a critical discharge, and many other technical solutions that increase the charge and extend the service life batteries.

For example, here are just 2 of the most popular tools - a drill driver and an angle grinder.



Such a tool fits easily in a mounting bag and is able to perform its functions in any industrial environment. At the same time, it has quite high characteristics:

Rotation speed - up to 1300 rpm

Maximum torque - up to 30 N/m

Maximum shank diameter – up to 10 mm

The presence of reverse, tightening torque adjustment, smooth speed control, two-speed gearbox, soft start.

Curb weight - 0.8 kg

Read more https://pribor.kz/p76303369-bosch-gsr-120.html

Portable angle grinder (angle grinder) GWS 12V-76 PROFESSIONAL


Characteristics fully satisfy the purpose of the tool:

It weighs only 0.5 kg when loaded, allowing it to be operated with one hand at height or in tight spaces.

Max RPM : 19500 rpm

Disc diameter : 76 mm

Processed materials (depending on the discs used): soft and hard wood including with nails, metals, plastics, etc.

Read more https://pribor.kz/p102862553-bosch-gws-12v.html

We hope that modern power tools, which incorporate many innovations and technical achievements, will make the work of installation, repair and emergency teams easier, faster, better and safer.

Beware of fakes, purchase a tool from official distributors.

Test instruments LLP and the Internet portal Pribor.kz https://pribor.kz/ are the official partner of BOSCH in Kazakhstan.


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