29th Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition

29th Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition


Obzhimi i ramki

In modern production conditions, a special factor influencing the overall efficiency of works is the use of high-quality tools that allow work to be performed quickly and efficiently.

This is especially important during electrical installation works, since any poor-quality connection creates the threat of failure of complex equipment, accidents and fires.

To create high-quality and durable electrical connections, crimping of cable tips and connectors is increasingly being used, which is the most convenient, fastest and most technologically advanced method that does not require soldering, heating or anything like that. However, there are special requirements for the quality of the crimping tools.

The fact is that poor-quality crimping of tips and connectors creates problems that cannot always be quickly diagnosed. At the same time, a low-quality crimping tool looks and seems to work the same as the original one, however, the quality of the connection often leaves much to be desired.

In addition, these specialists often have to crimp not only power wires, but also RJ45 connectors for connecting to the Internet, different types of signal cable ends, coaxial cables, etc. This often happens in field or workshop conditions, when it is simply physically impossible to have several units of crimping tools with you, since often the personnel do not know what type of connectors they will have to deal with.

Tipi Obzhimov

For these types of works, Pro’sKit Company produces a special series of universal crimps, which have interchangeable press dies for different types of connectors and sleeves. That is, it is enough to have in your tool kit a crimping frame and several of the most commonly used attachments - dies.

More than 50 types of different attachments are available, suitable for various tips, terminals, wires and connectors.

Matricy nasadki

An assortment of press die attachments with descriptions and prices is presented on the Pribor.kz Internet portal here: https://pribor.kz/g3429816-nasadki-dlya-obzhimov

3 models of crimper frames are also available. All crimpers have a protection mechanism against insufficient crimping (ratchet), setting the crimping force, and a forced unlocking system:

1PK-3003F with straight die holder and screw fastening https://pribor.kz/p258363-proskit-1pk-3003f.html

Кrimper 1PK 3003F

CP-371 with oblique die holder and screw fastening https://pribor.kz/p590627-proskit-371-obzhim.html

Obzhim CP 371

CP-3005F with a direct die holder and fastening them under a special latch https://pribor.kz/p67299177-proskit-3005f-obzhim.html

Obzhim CP 3005F

The latch releases or secures the die in the holder slot with one light press:

Mehanizm 3005

A good crimping tool makes work quick and easy thanks to quality metal and clever design.

Beware of fakes! Pribor.kz https://pribor.kz/ Internet portal and Test instruments LLP are official distributors of Pro’skit in Kazakhstan.

Sert Proskit

You can consult on the use of innovative crimping tools at the Test instruments LLP stand at the upcoming exhibition.


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