29th Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition

29th Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition


Общая мультиметры

One of the most popular devices for power engineers in all sectors of industry are multimeters, the name of which suggests that these devices allow for a variety of measurements.
However, the presence of a large number of low-quality forgeries on the market makes it difficult to choose an accurate and reliable device. Therefore, according to the Law on the Uniformity of Measuring Instruments, any devices used in industry must undergo special tests and, based on their results, the devices are entered into a special register of measuring instruments of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Moreover, according to the same law, only devices included in the register of measuring instruments are accepted for verification.
On December 12, 2023, state tests of UNI-T multimeters were successfully completed and their use is officially permitted in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Certificate N2420, НИКАД (number and code of the administrative document or application) KZ49VTN00008184 was issued, confirming the devices’ compliance with metrological standards. Registered in the register of the state system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements of the Republic of Kazakhstan under No. KZ.02.01.02420-2023 and is valid until December 12, 2028.


A brief overview of the models included in the register of measuring instruments of Kazakhstan:
• UT121 (A, B) – portable automatic multimeters with a limited set of functions.
• UT133 (A, B) - pocket multimeters with automatic selection of measurement ranges.
• UT136 (B+, C+) - multimeters with automatic selection of measurement ranges and a large LCD display.
• UT139 (A, B, C), UT161 (B, D, E) - TRUE RMS multimeters of increased accuracy with automatic range selection.
• UT171 (A, B, C) - automatic professional multimeters with extended capacity.
• UT181 A - professional True RMS multimeter with graphical recording of measurement results.
• UT191 (E, T), UT195 (E, M, DS) - industrial multimeters with IP65 protection class against dust, moisture and falls.

Some industrial and professional models include various innovative functions:
• VFC - measurement function in voltage-frequency converter circuits - VFC (Voltage-Frequency converter). This is the inclusion of a filter in the measuring circuit, which filters out irregularities and frequency surges in voltage and, therefore, only the average value is measured. Can be used in circuits of inverters, frequency converters and other sources using wideband frequency modulation or digital synthesis of the voltage waveform.
• LoZ – measurement at low input impedance in a noisy environment, which is especially important when making measurements in manufacturing environments.
• NCV – non-contact hazardous voltage indicator
• IP65 – device protection, allowing operation in dirty conditions and falling onto a concrete floor from a height of up to 2 meters.
• True RMS – automatic correction of readings when measuring non-sinusoidal voltages and currents.

UNI-T measuring instruments have been supplied by Test instruments LLP to Kazakhstan for more than 10 years and are distinguished by their quality and reliability. The warranty period for all supplied models is 1 year from the date of commissioning. Naturally, this applies to devices supplied by the official distributor, since, due to the popularity of the brand, low-quality forgeries have already appeared on the market.


Test instruments LLP has been the official distributor of UNI-TREND for more than 10 years and has the rights to both supplies and translation of documentation and technical consultations.Сертификат официального дистрибьютора UNI T по Казахстану

These multimeters will be presented at the exhibition. Sales of original devices are carried out only through the company’s Internet portal: https://pribor.kz/logo1



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